NOTICE: Our website and products offered are currently under construction. For immediate Aftermarket Filter Sales, please contact Roadwarrior at 1-877-897-9759 ext. “0”. We apologize for the inconvienece but are excited for the next phase of our e-commerce platform with an expected launch date coming at the end of Q1 2022.

Our Why

Have you ever had an idea that got so big in your brain you simply could not contain it any longer?  Royce Kelly did, so he made his dream into a reality.  Welcome to DPF Restoration & Diagnostic Services LLC, or DPF Restoration for short. 

We like to consider ourselves as your one-stop shop for all your diesel engine and aftertreatment system needs.  We have decades of diesel engine experience not just beginning at the inlet and ending at the outlet, we can do so much more.  Let's talk about what makes us different.


Vision Statement
"Maintain diesel engine excellence reducing our carbon footprint for future generations."

Earth is our home, and last time we checked there was only one of them.  Therefore, protecting our home is vital to long-term sustainability of the human race, i.e. you and I.  As stewards to our environment, we all have a job to reduce our carbon footprint, and as diesel engine technicians, we have the unique opportunity to directly reduce said footprint through our efforts when done right and with purpose.

Mission Statement
"To create a diesel maintenance industry "ecosystem" that results in saving our clients time and money."

Our company is designed to provide industry versatility, reducing our clients efforts to seek out multiple vendors to support multiple needs.  We accomplish this by providing the following suite of services:

  • Aftertreatment System Cleaning
    • DPF / DOC / SCR / ONE BOX
  • Aftertreatment System Removal & Reinstallation
  • Aftermarket Parts Supplier
    • Aftertreatment System Filters (DPF, DOC, SCR, ONE BOX)
    • Clamps
    • Gaskets
    • Bungs
  • Filter Repairs
  • Diesel Engine Diagnostic (In-Shop / On-Site)
  • Diesel Engine Repairs (In-Shop / On-Site)
  • ECM & ACM Calibrations
  • Fleet On-Site Preventative Maintenance Services 
  • Contract Services
    • Transit Bus Retrofits
    • Equipment Installation
    • Security Camera Maintenance
    • System Programming

DPF Restoration is family owned and operated, supporting all of Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.  With our ever widening footprint, our company has the opportunity to support additional locations throughout Virginia from Richmond to Chesapeake, and Winchester to Roanoke.  We now support locations throughout Maryland!!